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    Healing Center Activities and Sunday Service

    Let there be light.

    Monthly guided meditation for all looking to commune with their own inner divinity in a nondenominational spiritual community setting.


    Second Sundays 12pm-1pm  Free   Healings follow.   June 11


    Hands on Healing - A deep, deep healing with multiple healers. 40 minutes. By apt. A lay down healing.

    Trance-medium Healing - Have multiple healers give to you. These are the first of their kind to be offered in the midwest. Monthly, last Sundays 11:30a-12:30p. Seated healing.  June 25.

    Wellness Session -  Spiritual Touch and biomat healing. By apt. on Fridays.  A lay down healing.

    Astral Body Healings -  A healing for your 'dream body' or else known as astral or spiritual body. A lay down healing.