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    AUG / SEPT 518 & 520 Lee Evanston   CLASSES

    Healing Hour Sundays 3-4pm Receive a healing on your goals. What may keep you from moving forward?  sug. don. $5

    Reading Hours Now available during the day and by appointment. Weeknights at 7p and Sundays at 4p.

    Post Eclipse Meditation Tuesday  Aug. 22 7-8:30 

    Healing happens. We, on some level, decide that we need to let go of what no longer serves our growth in self healing. We may have forgotten that we can heal ourselves in our own unique way. The first thing that needs to happen is being in a place where you feel safe to let go and the ease with which it happens.  Enjoy new awareness of yourself this evening as you go through a guided meditation.  

    Free, Love donations accepted.

    Mens Awareness  Ground your goals- Open to all. August 31, Thur. 7-8pm Meditation for men. $10

    TM Healing Clinic Sunday, Aug. 27 11:30a-12:30p $15

    What Color is your Aura?  Tuesday Aug. 29 7-8:30p

    There is a lot to be said about your aura. Consider it your information in color. In this workshop you get to have a fun exploration of colors in a meditation. We will use clairvoyant energy to play with a color palette and get to know what some of the colors are in your aura.

    Bring your sense of amusement! 

    love donations accepted.

    Astral Body Healing - Saturday, Sep. 2  2-6p  by appt.

    Beginning Clairvoyance 1 Tuesday, Sep. 5  7-9p

    Psychic Fair Saturday, Sep. 9 11am-3pm

    Your Inner Sanctuary Sunday, Sep. 10  12-1p Free nondenominational meditation. Love donations accepted. Healings to follow. More Info

    Graduate classes - develop you awareness from a whole different wavelength. Inquiries welcome.